August 23, 2006

Blovert is now a reality and so is "bloviators" with an "o."

The toughest thing about creating blovert the blog wasn't coming up with its telling slug-line or even making the simplified template choice I did for the overall look and feel of the damned thing, er...I mean, damned blog. No, those were easy choices. Together, they were not the toughest thing.

Oh, no! Not even close...

The toughest thing about creating it [blovert the blog] was deciding on what to call the people that will actually post here.

As the slug-line reads,
"Where overt bloviators come to spill the beans," but what exactly is a "bloviator" or at least what do I think a bloviator is?

My creative, ego-driven thinking would answer that question with some sort of promise of mass appeal and complete adoption of its use by both the old media and new blog-o-sphere driven media worldwide when referring to those bloggers that just...go on, and on, and on, as if they truly know what the fuck they're blogging about in the first place, and that we, the humble and misled couch-jockeys of the world, would actually care enough to pass it along to some other unsuspecting mouse clicking, sofa-monkey to choke down with a cold one.

I decided that labeling these overt bloviations and the people (bloviators) that leave them here on our clean, tidy little net-lawns just waiting for us to stumble upon and then step into their puddle of left behind dia-blogorrhea, with something that combines the very best of the two things that a true bloviator will always do when spilling the beans; overtly bloviate and gossip, gossip, gossip.

Hence the new word, coined by your humble host,

But that's not all...

I had to make the crucial decision of using an "o" rather than an "e" before the final letter "r," like with the words
"actor" and "doctor."

I believe I chose wisely...A properly placed well rounded "o" somehow makes the world seem just a bit brighter and smarter sounding than a dumb-assed "e" just sitting there acting as if.

With that I invite you to enjoy the many bloviations to come as well as look forward to reading some of your own blograffiti. After all, we can't let the sofa-monkeys and the couch-jockeys just sit there totally numb-dumb...or can we?


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